Information for professional clubs

Pathway2Pro works with professional football clubs in the UK and throughout the world, offering an outplacement programme for released academy players, matches against our academy teams, and access to a database of Pathway2Pro players who have developed to a professional standard.

Outplacement service for academy players at time of release

Pathway2Pro supports clubs throughout the UK with the sensitive task of releasing academy players. Prior to, and at the point of release, our experienced coaches and mentors visit clubs to offer practical advice and a range of options for players who have not been offered professional contracts to facilitate and manage their transition to the ‘real world’.

Duty of care fulfillment via broad range of next-step opportunities

We understand the traumatic impact being released can have on young players. We listen to the concerns of players and offer practical advice, including a range of educational or vocational options as well as workplace apprenticeships, structured around the training time required to allow them to continue their football development.

Follow-up service including progress reports on released players

At the request of the releasing club and with the permission of the player, we will offer comprehensive progress reports and updates on players that they have released.

Fixtures against our highly competitive U18 & U21 teams

Pathway2Pro offers the academies of professional clubs fixtures against our elite team of players released from the academies of some of the best clubs in the UK and Europe. Friendly games allow your U18 and U21 players game time and allow your coaches the opportunity to see how our players compare to yours in a game situation.